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State-of-the-art Commercial Plumbing & Mechanical Services for over 40 years.

Company Resume

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Nash Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC is a privately held, family owned construction company, with sales of $40 million annually and has been active as a plumbing and HVAC contractor for over 39 continuous years throughout the southeastern United States and the Caribbean Islands.  The company has created a reputation for being a “high-quality” and “on-time” contractor while maintaining its competitiveness in a low-bid environment.  In addition, we have developed in-house expertise in negotiating and design-building certain types of projects.  The company has state of the art in-house engineering, design and drafting capabilities through our building information model (BIM) process.

Nash Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC. was created in 1974 as George J. Nash, Inc. by its founder George Nash, offering plumbing services for small commercial and residential projects.  Annual sales in 1974 were less than $100,000.  George worked himself and his oldest son with a one-truck operation.  Over the years Nash Plumbing and Mechanical, LLC has grown from a one-truck and two-employee contractor to a firm that has 200 field employees and sales in 2014 that exceeded $65,000,000.  The company currently has $75 million backlog including several Healthcare and Federal/Military related projects throughout the southeast.

Detailed within this resume are specific projects.  In general, our list of current or recently completed projects include medical facilities, correctional facilities, hotels/hospitality, convention centers/entertainment facilities, educational facilities, manufacturing plants/warehouses, distribution centers, high-rise office buildings, and government projects. 

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